Beyond Brexit: The Future of Trade, Equality & Human Rights

As the UK’s departure from the European Union approaches, the British Government is preparing to take on the new responsibility of trade negotiations. The Trade Bill currently passing through the British Parliament is laying the groundwork for this. Civil society has called for the inclusion of Human Rights and Democracy clauses that are at least equal to the EU’s standards, and others emphasise that this is also an opportunity to introduce higher standards.

This event will focus on the inclusion of human rights and democracy clauses in the upcoming EU-UK deal after Brexit and the role of NHRIs and equality bodies in this respect.

Organised by: ENNHRI, Equinet and the Equality and Human Rights Commission

Hosted by: Sajjad Haider Karim MEP, alongside Heidi Hautala MEP and Jean Lambert MEP.

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For more information, contact: Nina Panikova