Legal Working Group

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The Legal Working Group:

  • enhances coordination between NHRIs in order to operate coherently at a European level in human rights matters
  • advises on issues such as: the reform of the ECtHR, developments regarding the Convention system, the accession of the EU to the ECtHR
  • enhances the competence of NHRIs at national level, including in raising awareness of international human rights conventions and the importance of implementation of ECtHR judgements
  • drafts and/or facilitates ENNHRI statements on human rights issues as well as ENNHRI’s interventions in European Courts

The future of the system of the European Convention of Human Rights

ENNHRI has observer status, exercised by the Legal Working Group (LWG), at the Council of Europe Steering Committee on Human Rights (CDDH) plenary group and its sub group meetings on issues relating to the European Convention system and the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR).

The LWG has been closely involved in the Interlaken (2010), Izmir (2011) and Brighton (2012) conferences on the future of the system of the European Convention of Human Rights and in the drafting of Protocol 15 to the Convention. In 2015, it was also engaged in the Brussels conference and declaration highlighting the importance of national implementation of the Convention.

The declarations adopted at these intergovernmental conferences assert the role of NHRIs in the dissemination and the implementation of the European Convention of Human Rights and the execution of the European Court’s judgments:

The LWG monitors ECtHR communicated cases in order to identify cases in priority areas and to consider interventions. It has undertaken third party interventions in various cases.

LWG’s current activities include ongoing input to the process of considering reform and enhancement of the Convention system, providing input to training events including the annual NHRI academy event, and third party interventions.

ENNHRI principal submissions

  • ENNHRI submission to Council of Europe’s Committee of experts on the reform of the European Court of Human Rights (DH-GDR) (27 January 2014)
  • ENNHRI submission to CDDH-GDR-F group on the reform of the court (9 December 2014)
  • ENNHRI submission on the Brussels Declaration (26 March 2015)
  • ENNHRI submission to DH-GDR on longer term future of the convention system (22 May 2015)
  • ENNHRI submission on the Draft Copenhagen Declaration (February 2018)

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