Promoting and protecting human rights across wider Europe

ENNHRI is the European Network of National Human Rights Institutions. Our goal is to enhance the promotion and protection of human rights across the wider Europe region, by bringing together NHRIs to work on a wide range of human rights issues and supporting their development.

National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) are independent bodies with a constitutional or legal mandate to promote and protect human rights. They are a key element of a strong and effective national, regional and global human rights framework.

ENNHRI has a membership of over 40 NHRIs from across wider Europe, including Ombuds Institutions, Human Rights Commissions and Institutes. It supports European NHRIs to be effective on the national level and to promote and protect human rights across wider Europe.

ENNHRI’s mission is:
Supporting and strengthening European NHRIs to protect and promote human rights effectively, in line with the Paris Principles

ENNHRI’s vision is:
The universal and effective enjoyment of human rights throughout Europe

ENNHRI’s values are:

  • Respect of international human rights standards
  • Transparency
  • Cooperation
  • Accountability
  • Participation
  • Non-discrimination
  • Independence

ENNHRI and its members work on a wide range of human rights issues affecting Europe, such as:

  • European structures to support human rights
  • Human rights of persons with disabilities
  • Human rights of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers
  • Human rights of older persons in long-term care
  • Economic and social rights
  • Counter-terrorism and human rights
  • Business and human rights