The specific objectives of the 2015 NHRI...

The specific objectives of the 2015 NHRI Academy were:

To strengthen the capacity of participants from NHRIs to:

  • understand more fully the resources and working practices of OSCE-ODIHR in order to facilitate collaboration with ODIHR in the future;
  • mainstream gender in the work of participants’ institutions;
  • bring their institutions closer in line with the Paris Principles, as regards independence and cooperating with other bodies and organisations;
  • conduct monitoring of human rights, including measurement framework and indicators, more effectively;
  • interact more effectively with the Council of Europe, with the aim of strengthening implementation of international human rights standards on the national level.

The objectives of the 2015 Academy were addressed through work sessions in the following four thematic areas: Gender Mainstreaming, Paris Principles - Cooperation and Independence, Human Rights Monitoring and Engaging with Council of Europe.