Who we are

ENNHRI, the European Network of National Human Rights Institutions, brings together 42 NHRIs across wider Europe. ENNHRI’s goal is to enhance the promotion and protection of human rights across the European region. It carries this out through assisting in the establishment and accreditation of NHRIs; coordinating exchange of information and best practice between members; facilitating capacity building and training; engaging with regional mechanisms; and intervening on legal and policy developments at a European level.

ENNHRI members participate in the first NHRI Academy (2014)

What we do

National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) are a key element of a strong and effective national and global human rights system. Our mission is to support and strengthen NHRIs to promote and protect human rights across wider Europe, in line with Paris Principles. We do this by supporting their development, helping their establishment and accreditation, engaging with regional mechanisms and intervening on legal and policy developments at a European level.

Areas of work

Our members work together on a wide range of human rights issues affecting Europe, such as:

  • European structures to support human rights
  • Human rights of persons with disabilities
  • Human rights of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers
  • Human rights of older persons in long-term care
  • Economic and social rights
  • Counter-terrorism and human rights
  • Business and human rights

ENNHRI’s Core Objectives, as defined in the Strategic Plan 2018-2021(adopted in November 2017), are:

  • More European NHRIs in compliance with the Paris Principles
  • More Effective Promotion and Protection of Human Rights
  • Strong and Sustainable Network

ENNHRI supports the development of European NHRIs by:

  • Advising on the establishment and accreditation of NHRIs
  • Coordinating the exchange of information and good practice between members
  • Organising capacity building and training on NHRI methodologies and human rights, such as at the annual NHRI Academy
  • Building solidarity between European NHRIs
  • Providing support for NHRIs under threat
  • Facilitating NHRIs’ engagement with regional and international mechanisms

Where we work

ENNHRI is one of four regional networks of NHRIs, which together make up the Global Alliance of NHRIs (GANHRI). It has been constituted as an international not-for-profit association under Belgian law, with a Permanent Secretariat and registered office in Brussels.