Calendar of Events

ENNHRI Events in 2019

Meeting on role of NHRIs in non-government-controlled areas 13-14 February, 2019 Brussels, Belgium
Legal Working Group meeting 25-26 February, 2019 Dublin, Ireland
ENNHRI General Assembly meeting 4 March, 2019 Geneva, Switzerland
Capacity-building workshop on ESR in (post-)conflict 25-27 March, 2019 Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Economic, Social & Cultural Rights Working Group meeting 9 April, 2019 Athens, Greece
CoE-FRA-Equinet-ENNHRI Platform on Economic & Social Rights 10 April, 2019 Athens, Greece
Asylum & Migration Working Group meeting and workshop 25-26 April, 2019 Zagreb, Croatia
CRPD Working Group meeting & expert seminar 14 May, 2019 Brussels, Belgium
Communications Working Group meeting 21 May, 2019 Brussels, Belgium
Economic, Social & Cultural Rights Working Group meeting 21 May, 2019 Brussels, Belgium
Workshop on communicating economic and social rights
NHRI Academy 3-7 June, 2019 Venice, Italy
The need for a National Human Rights Institution in Italy in compliance with the Paris Principles 3 June, 2019 Venice, Italy
Second Meeting on the Role and Responsibilities of NHRIs in the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights in Non-Government Controlled Territories, including in Non-recognised and other Disputed Territories 11-12 June, 2019 Brussels, Belgium
Human Rights & Conflict: Capacity building workshop ’Exploring the Role of NHRIs in Peacebuilding’ 29-31 October, 2019 TBC
ENNHRI General Assembly meeting 13 November, 2019 Brussels, Belgium
ENNHRI Annual Conference 14 November, 2019 Brussels, Belgium
Business & Human Rights Working Group meeting December, 2019 TBC